It’s one of those opinionated days…

Why isn’t there a Special Science Olympics?
Imitation is the sincerest form of theft. That said, there are few better feelings than when someone thinks enough of your post to share it.
Hanging around drunk people when you’re not drinking may let you see people at their best, but more likely, they’ll be at their worst.
Copying and pasting a photo into your status is too easy. Write what you think once in a while. You may piss off 50% of your friends, but the other half might admire you.
Except how to hang a roll of toilet paper. That’s just stupid.
If you want to bring the citizens of a country to their knees, block their supply of caffeine.
It’s nice that Andre Reed made to the HOF… too bad he’s most likely the last Bill who ever will.
Every time you block someone’s Facebook posts, an angel bursts into flames.
“Incorrect Password” would be an awesome password. If you don’t type it correctly, your computer will tell you the right one.
Whoever invented Curling clearly enjoyed Beer.
That teeny tiny print on credit card terms and conditions will never, ever benefit you.
Oldies Stations will never, ever play Rap.
I have no idea what the inside of my bank looks like.
The US deficit could be paid down a lot quicker if advertisers had to pay $100,000 every time they used the word “Amazing” in a commercial. A Wendy’s chicken sandwich might be tasty, but it will never, ever be amazing,
OJ did it.
Grammar and Spelling Counts.
I will never dial 444-4444 of my own free will.
Posting anything about Politics is extremely unlikely to get anyone to change their view from what it was before they read the post, but keep banging away anyhow. You’ll encourage your supporters, and enrage your enemies.
My generation is the last that will care enough about newspapers to subscribe for home delivery.
The “Greatest Generation” has come and gone. Young people will inherit the mistakes of a generation that took a good thing and turned it to Shit.
An angel just burst into flames.

~ Dave Pettigrew

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