The Sunday Ped

Oh no, it’s another one of those opinionated days…

I would have no problem trusting my wallet to somebody who makes sure their bird feeder is always full.

Every time I repair a home appliance, I have at least one screw or nut left over. These are designed by an Engineer to be redundant “Extras”.

TNT would be screwed without “Law And Order”

If you circle the parking lot for 5 minutes trying to get a spot closer to the door at the Health Spa, you haven’t grasped the concept of exercise. (Thanks to the wife for that one)

5 years ago tonight, flight 3407 crashed 8500 feet from my house. Family survivors, keep on fighting the good fight for safer skies.

I only play Powerball when the jackpot exceeds $200 million. Because I got no time to be winning no 8 million dollars.

~ Dave Pettigrew

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